Volunteer  SUPPORT

For Healthcare Professionals (Doctor’s, Dentist’s, Surgeons, Public Health Professionals, Nurses, Health Science students, etc.,)

  • Participate in medical screening in Government Schools.
  • Donate Medicines.
  • Conduct Awareness talks at Schools, Orphanages, child health centers and colleges.
  • Train Volunteers to conduct health awareness talks.
  • Develop health awareness training materials.
  • Participate in medical screening in urban slums and rural areas.
  • Volunteer at PHC’s or Free clinic during your free time.
  • Conduct medical research and public articles.
  • Conduct free surgeries for the underprivileged individuals.
  • For Professionals and Students (Not in medical profession)

Assist Doctor’s during School Health Programs

  • Conduct Awareness Talks for School Children related Hand-washing, Adolescent Health, Nutrition information and ill effects of Tobacco.
  • Assist TCF Team in taking the Height and weight of the School Children and Assist TCF Team in analyzing the BMI of the School Children.
  • Assist Doctor’s and TCF Team during Health Camps in Rural Areas.
  • Educate Individuals about Health and Hygiene using OHP.
  • Publish Papers or Create Documentaries of the Impact Created by Health Initiatives.
  • Write an article about the CSR (corporate social responsibility) Program – To be published in internal communications and for Craniofacial Center Nepal    
  • Create Awareness about the Cause Involved on Social Media.
  • To Document the CSR Initiative – Photographs and Videos to be taken.

If you wish to volunteer some quality services to our Outreach Health Programs focusing on women and children both in urban and rural areas. Please write to us at:- craniofacialnepal@gmail.com