Combating Facial injury, disfigurement and oral cancer in the most socially important part of our bodies – the face and mouth

The face is the only part of our body we cannot hide. It conveys our emotions and innermost feelings. We often judge each other on the basis of facial appearance, making assumptions on a whole range of issues.

People suffer the consequences of facial diseases, injuries and disfigurement every day. In Nepal oral cancer is second most common cancer in all population every year. The silent epidemic of road traffic injury (RTI) is the main cause to young people to sustain serious facial injuries and not many people receive treatment for facial disfigurement due to lack of trained manpower.

Despite the severity of these iss...

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The Craniofacial Center Nepal at is the only center of its kind in south east region of Nepal. This…

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The mission of the Craniofacial Center Nepal is to offer world-class care to patients with these congenital…

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Our vision for Craniofacial Centre Nepal is to improve the lives of, and create equal opportunities…

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