Craniofacial Center Nepal

Further work has been carried out at the CFC hospital. On the ground floor, completely surrounding the main entrance, on one side basic living facilities have been created for parents and carers whilst their children or other relatives are undergoing treatment. On the other side, outpatient consulting facilities have been built. This has freed up space within the original outpatient and reception areas to accommodate the new CT scanner and essential offices for support workers including our hospital manager.

An area on the third floor has been designated as living quarters for Santoshi, who now has three nursers/carers providing full time care and support. On the fourth floor, the accommodation for visitors has been further upgraded, including installation of air conditioning. The top floor has been covered over and transformed into a

lecture theatre. The outside of the hospital has been covered with weatherproofing, and given a rather smart and colourful covering, which looks especially spectacular when lit up at night. All in all, the facilities are now quite spectacular, making this centre one of the most outstanding in the whole region.